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Welcome to North Trees Sports Institute Community

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

North Trees Sports Institute is an International Sporty Lifestyle Promoting Institute.

We offer high quality services and programs to individuals, educational institutes and organizations to increase physical activity, exercising and sports all around the world.

Physical Inactivity is a global health problem and one of the leading risk factors for death world wide. Our programs are planned to increase overall physical activity, exercising and sports and to improve individuals biomechanics and ergonomical aspects of individuals. Tailored functional training programs includes physical therapy exercises and based on personal needs. #physicalinactivity #physicalactivitypromoting

MoveUrKids and MoveUrStudents programs are made to increase individuals physical activity during the school day and them free time. It is important to adapt physically active lifestyle since childhood. Physically active children crow physically active adults. Healthy active citizens are safe on medical expenses. Physical activity improves overall well-being and reduce risk of many health problems and diseases. #moveurkid #moveurstudent #healthysportylifestyleathomeprogram #physicallyactiveschoolprogram