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How to improve physical activity and degrease inactivity at educational environment and adapt physically active lifestyle. Program for schools and educational institutes to increase students and teachers physical activity, degrease inactivity and adapt physically active lifestyle.


Moveurstudent- program is built to increase individuals physical activity during the school day. Program includes to increase parts of to increase physical activity during the school day and outside the educational institute.

It is well known fact that inactivity and obesity are growing world wide problems. Any kind of physical activity, exercising and physical fitness have several health benefits. Regular exercising of moderate intensity has notable benefits for overall well-being such as physical and mental health. What would be a better place to affect citizens than educational institutes; active children grow to be active adults. 


Time for studying is taking lots of the time of all students day, during covid 19 crises the situation just gets worse when the students are participating the classes online. Even the small activity between classes, walking to the other classroom, breaks etc. not taking parts of any students routine. It's the screen, the chair and long lonely days.

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