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Why NTSI vision and programs are unique?

NTSI-programs are made to increase overall physical activity, exercising and sports and to improve biomechanic and ergonomical aspects of individuals.


NTSI-programs includes physical therapy exercises and are planned to support physical and mental growing and holistic well-being in every events of life. 

Functional training programs includes physical therapy exercises and are based on personal needs. All educators and instructors are certified by North Trees Sports Institute.

Top quality education from Finland.


North Trees Sports Institute 

  • Want to help people to choose sporty lifestyle to ingrease over all physical activity and healthy life style.


  • North Trees Sport Institutes School, work and home programs are made to increase physical activity during the incdividuals school or work day, and them free time to support overall health and well-being as well as school performance and succesfull adulthood.


  • offers active lifestyle program for homes

  • offers active lifestyle programs for schools and educational institutes

  • offers active lifestyle programs for companies






Quality of life

Healthy lifestyle

Physically active lifestyle

Goal setting


North Trees Sports Institute

International Sporty Lifestyle Promoting Institute

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