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Fight and Smart, Educational Jiu-Jitsu program​

for international markets

Regular exercising, of moderate intensity like in jiu-jitsu, has notable benefit for overall well-being such a physical and mental health. Martial arts are also good way to improve mental strength. Hard training, self improvement, competitive  position, acting among, fellowship, respect and loyalty are the big part of jiu-jitsu. Overall Jiu-jitsu works for self defence too.


Educational Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program "Fight & Smart"


● Gym to School: intersection and new markets


● Objective: enrich the experiences of children and adolescents in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu classes


● Instrument: Instructors have the opportunity to implement a Pedagogical Program in their Gyms and focus on the deep, lifelong learning growth of students, that is, in their intellectual, emotional, social, physical and cultural dimensions


● New markets: educators and parents are constantly looking for meaningful activities for the school curriculum and after school programs

So why Jiu-Jitsu programs? Not only because Jiu-Jitsu is an amazing holistic sport and way to self defense, it also teaches and helps you in your life. It teaches values that nowadays are poor;  like respect, commitment and discipline. It also supports to develop logical thinking and many other aspect in life.

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